DSM IV Codes


DSM IV, or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the 4th edition, is an important manual which includes all the recognized mental conditions which have been traced until today. The DSM IV was published by the American Psychiatric Association and represents an important tool for both medicine students and professionals working in this domain. As imagined, one of the most important aspects of DSM IV is represented by the codes associated with all the mental diseases listed on this valuable resource. These DSM IV codes are internationally used, being set to correspond with the International Classification of Diseases. Naturally, DSM IV codes are used by specialists with the purpose to identify mental conditions and diagnose them properly. Diagnosing with DSM IV codes usage is mostly performed with the main purpose to simplify the general procedure.

Mental conditions are classified in DSM IV in metal retardation, learning disorders, motor skills disorders, communication disorders, but also pervasive developmental disorders, attention deficit and disruptive behavior, as well as feeding and eating disorders. For instance, DSM IV codes establish the following for eating disorders: attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, codes between 314.01 and 314.9, conduct disorder, codes between 312.81 and 312.89 and the codes 313.81 for oppositional defiant disorder and 312.9 for disruptive behavior disorder NOS. When referring to pervasive developmental disorders, DSM IV establishes codes such as 299.00 for autistic disorder, 299.80 for Rett’s disorder, 299.10 for childhood disintegrative disorder, and 299.80 for Asperger’s disorder. Persuasive development disorder is listed with 299.80.

Learning disorders seem to be very common nowadays. They mostly include reading disorders, mathematics disorder and disorder of written expression. They will suppose codes from 315.00 to 315.9. However, the most serious mental conditions listed in DSM IV are retardation issues. DSM IV codes for these disease are: 317 for mild mental retardation, 318.0 for moderate mental retardation, 318.1 for severe mental retardation and 318.2 for profound mental retardation. The codes associated by DSM IV to mental retardation of an unspecified severity is 319. Knowing and understanding these codes is a must for doctors, but patients or their families should also have an idea on what they mean to be able to better understand diagnosis.


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