Top 10 Bizarre Mental Disorders


Mental disorders affect many people all across the world. Our brain is also an organ and when it malfunctions it causes some bizarre consequences. There are many forms of psychological illness, and most of them can be cured with counseling and medications. But there are few mental disorders which are extremely painful to handle.

The following are some of the most bizarre mental disorders:

Cotard delusion:

It is a rare condition where someone feels that they have already died and do not exist anymore. The patients with this disease deny their existence, and some even think that they have achieved immortality. The sickness can be cured with electroconvulsive therapy and pharmacotherapy.

Todd Syndrome:

The Todd syndrome is also known as the Alice in Wonderland syndrome, and it affects the person’s perception. The patient may feel as if an object appears either smaller or larger. The illness is associated with migraines, brain tumours, and psychoactive drugs.

Schizoaffective Disorder:

The Schizoaffective Disorder is a combination of Bipolar Disorder and mild Schizophrenia. The patients who are affected with this disorder lose touch with reality, have maniac mood swings and have high suicidal thoughts. The illness is usually caused due to a chemical imbalance in the body, and it is also genetic.


Dissociative Identity Disorder:

The person who has this disorder may split his identity into two or more personalities and cycle between them. For example, a 50-year-old man may feel that he is a five-year-old girl and play with dolls. There are no medications for such sickness, and the patient needs to be under constant care.


The patients who are affected with Schizophrenia are out of touch with reality. The symptoms include paranoia, hallucinations, false belief about being famous and they can even become completely unaware of the things that happen to them and finally end in an unresponsive state.

Capgras Syndrome:

The person affected with Capgras Syndrome become very delusional and feels that someone they know is replaced with an identical twin or an imposter. Proper medications can reverse the condition.

Alien Hand Syndrome:

It is the condition when one believes that their hand does not belong to them and it has its own separate life. They tend to name and personify their hand.

Body Integrity Identity Disorder:

The Body Integrity Identity Disorder is also known as the Amputee Identity Disorder where one feels that one part of their body needs to be amputated. If the condition worsens, then the patient tends to amputate their limbs.

Paris Syndrome:

The Paris Syndrome is quite bizarre, and it is seen only Japanese nationalists. It is a condition when Japanese tourist visits Paris have a mental breakdown. It is believed to happen due to the result of cultural shock a person may get when they visit a new country.

Jerusalem Syndrome:

It is a mental occurrence where a person is obsessed in visiting Jerusalem, and this condition is not restricted to any particular religion.



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